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Welcome to Just Loc's By Marceline. My name is Marceline. I am a talented, versatile, natural hair care consultant, loctician and stylist that specialize in starting, cultivation and maintenance of loc's. Many of you already know me in the Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn, New York 11216 area.

In the 90's, I recognized the traditional Black Hair Care Salons had added braiding hair stylists but very few had locticians. I saw a growing need in our Bedford-Stuyvesant community for loc hair starters and loc cultivation groomers.

I proudly opened my Brooklyn Just Loc's Natural Hair Care Salon on Mother's Day in 1995. I thank those in the community who have supported Just Loc's from the very beginning.

I have advertised in The Our Times Press, our local Bedford-Stuyvesant community newspaper, for many years. Having Just Loc's By Marceline online is a new and exciting adventure for me.

I greatly appreciate The Web 2.0 Blogger BlogMaster creating this blog for Just Loc's By Marceline. I am building a sustainable and viable online presence with The Blogger BlogMaster guidance and Web 2.0 expertise. The Blogger BlogMaster does a great job in keeping the technical simple and easy to understand.

I am learning "how to" leverage the Internet. If you are searching how to get loc clients in your salon or clients in your beauty salon or barbershop then call the BlogMaster at 347-404-6850 (... you WON'T be disappointed). And if you're just getting started online, calling this number 347-404-6850 may be the answer to your prayers.

You can rest assured Just Loc's will leverage the Internet and our online presence to give you the best natural loc hair tips and customer service experience possible.

Many of my Just Loc's natural loc hair customers tell me a professional, experienced and affordable natural hair loctician and stylist can be difficult to find. So, I am very happy you have found me online. I look forward to becoming your personal natural loc hair consultant, loctician and stylist.

I love the art and endless creativity that comes along with being a natural loc hair consultant, loctician and loc stylist, while providing satisfaction and excellent natural hair care service to all of my clients.

Everything I do in my salon for my customers is a reflection of myself, I will always strive for perfection, giving each customer my undivided attention, putting forth my best effort and having fun while doing it!

I love my loc hair. I treasure the natural beauty of my own locs. I want my Just Loc's customers to have healthy, beautiful, natural loc's, too. Proper loc hair maintenance is the key to healthy loc's.

At Just Loc's we carry natural hair care products for you. Our specialty is loc's for every day people, professionals and a few celebrities. We are the Stuyvesant Heights experts in authentic black natural loc hair or natural loc twists care for women and men.

We offer our Just Loc's clients the following hair care services:

* Personalized consultation and expert loc hair care advice.

* Invigorating and thorough head/scalp massage with natural Shampoo, Herbal Rinse and Deep Conditioning products to clean and stimulate your scalp and make your hair loc's manageable. Conditioning the scalp with the proper nutrients is essential to strong vital hair growth.

* If you are experiencing breakage or hair loss let me know during my individual consultation with you. I can recommend botanical and herbal essences to help aid and remedy these conditions.

* A Hot Oil Treatment is essential to strenghten and nourish your natural hair and to reduce breakage.

* Variety of Fragrant oils for your natural hair that keeps your hair smelling fresh. People will comment you on the light clean fragrance emanating from your hair and revel in our Just Loc's oil fragrant sensations.

* Expert Palm Rolling, Loc Grooming, Loc Manicuring and Loc Styling.

* Loc Repair rejuvenating treatments available.

* Just Loc's Hair Care Consultation and Maintainence is by appointment only.

If you want gorgeous well kept locs and get A LOT of compliments I highly recommend you have your natural loc hair maintained once a month. Monthly loc maintenance is absolutely necessary and will help you keep your locs in great condition.

Just Loc's is thrilled to be able to offer our loyal clients a complimentary loc grooming appointment on your birthday as a way of saying thank you for your continued business with us. We will continue to do our best to make you feel and look your best at Just Loc's.

Just Loc's Grooming Birthday Offer is NOT for the public but only my most loyal clients...!!!

Call 718-953-8072 for your Just Loc's appointment Now!

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"How You Can Start, Groom & Maintain Your Natural Locs."

Thanks for stopping by to visit. I appreciate you for considering Just Loc's.

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I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment below about your Just Loc's experience.

Disclosure: The clients who provide testimonials for the Just Loc's Blog are not paid for their comments. These comments are from their personal experience and not to be taken as what you will experience. Only you will be responsible for your loc hair care results.

If clients promote the Just Loc's Natural Hair Salon to others (family and/or friends) they are compensated with a discount if the people they refer to the salon become a paying customer.

Welcome to Just Loc's By Marceline

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  1. As a professional person I was very apprenhensive about my first hair loc grooming and styling appointment at Just Loc's. I felt a bit more at ease after I entered the salon and I observed the other clients locs.

    I walked out of my first Just Loc's appointment with my locs looking and smelling good and feeling like a million dollars. My experience was great! I had actually met someone who knew how to style my locs (gasp).

    My loctician and stylist Marceline is fabulous. She works wonders on styling my locs and teaching me how to maintain my hair care between loc grooming appointments. I get compliments about my locs all the time.

    I would highly recommend anyone reading this comment to call and make an appointment at Just Loc's.


  2. I recomend Just Locs to any who wants to look and feel fabulous. Marceline is wonderful in maintaining locs. I always get complements on my hair from friends and even strangers,sometimes when I'm walking past people they ask me what is that fragrance you have on I smile and say i'ts the oil in my hair. I've been a long standing customer of Marceline and I have no complaints simply put Marceline is the best.

    East New York

  3. Hi, my name is Cynthia Johnson. This is my Just Loc's By Marceline testimonial. I am one of Marceline's clients.

    I just want to say, Marceline is excellent. She is very knowledgable in all types of hair, all types of styles and all types of loc's.

    I have been going to Just Loc's By Marceline for approximately six years. My hair has grown tremendously since I have been seeing Marceline.

    Cynthia Johnson
    Brooklyn, New York

  4. It has been 4 years since Marceline has done my hair. Because of the nightmares at other salons, I did my own hair for a long time. At some point I decide to give it another shot. I found Marceline and I LOVED the way she treated my hair. I always came out of her salon with my hair healthy, beautiful and fragrant. I had to come back for more! I would recommend her to anyone who wants their hair to be treated with the maintenance and care it deserves.

    Brooklyn, NY

  5. Although Marceline didn't start my locs, she does a great job helping me maintain them. Due to my kinky hair it is not easy to find someone like Marceline to help with managing my locs
    From washing, oil treatment and palm rolling she does everything with extreme care..
    Marceline makes the entire process of maintaining my locs an enjoyable one rather than a stressful one.

    Staten Island, NY

  6. Hello! I've been going to Marceline's (Just Locs) for about 10yrs now. Marceline is a Great Locs stylist.. she takes her time to make sure your Locs stlye is looking nice and neat before u leave and if she is doing a style and she feels it's not ok she will do everything to make sure it looks right! On my wedding day in 2008 Marceline hooked my Locs up "really really" nice and pretty everyone was looking and taking about my hair and my dress.. I was really happy with they way I looked That day.. So If your looking for a person who knows Locs and how to style? then call or go to BK and visit Marceline at Juts Locs, You'll be happy you did! Thanks you Marceline! :)

  7. I have been going to Just Locs for several years, I simply love it, I get so relaxed when I am there and I am always satisfied with the results. Simply amazing.

    Tabetha F.
    Redhook, Brooklyn

  8. My name is Stephanie: I've been goin to just Locs for about 10yrs now, I love going to get my hair (Locs) washed, cleaned, style while its smelling good with her best hair Oil. Marceline is the best when it comes to doing my Locs I leave her house very happy and pleased..I would'nt go to anyone else but her You can feel the same. So if your looking for Marceline give her a "call" you'de will be happy you did!

  9. John from queens this is my first visit to just locs and I'm very pleased with the out come of my locs and I will be comming back I recommend every body from the tri state area looking for a good loc stylist go to just locs you won't be disapointed

  10. It is extremely hard to find a great lotician; however, I have found her. Fortunately my googling brought me to Just Locs. Marceline takes her time in meeting the hair care needs of each client. The moment she began to wash my hair the aroma from the shampoo was therapeutic. I knew right then I would be back for more hair therapy. She uses very good products on your locs and handles your hair with care. My locs have never looked and smelled so good. If you are looking for a satisfying, feel good, smell good and look good, hair care experience you have come to the right place.

  11. Hi, I currently have my hair locked. I would like to know if you know how to loosen locks without have to cutting my hair.


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